Flip-Flop Etiquette

When is it okay and when is it NOT okay to wear flip-flops?

Northwestern University LacrosseTeam Flip Flops

President George W. Bush stands with members of the Northwestern University Women’s Lacrosse team during Championship Day Tuesday, July 12, 2005, at the White House. Photo by David Bohrer.

This photo ignited the famous flip-flop controversy when the brother of one of the team members sent an email expressing disbelief that she, along with several other players, had worn flip-flops to the White House ceremony.

What do you think? What other occasions or settings would you consider inappropriate to wear flip-flops?

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  1. RobertV October 9, 2012 at 2:20 pm #

    I live in San Diego, so the rules are a little different here. Men wear shorts and flip-flops to the theater here. (Not me.)

    I think after dark at a restaurant unless it’s right on the beach, men should wear regular shoes.

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