What’s Your SQ (Shoe Quotient)?

Divide the number of pairs of shoes you own by 365 days to get your Shoe Quotient (SQ). Leave your reply below!

Results Key

If your SQ is:

  • Between .000  and .137 you are an Aspiring Shoehound.
  • Between .138 and .274 you have attained Maven Status.
  • Between .275 and .548, congratulations, you are Officially Obsessed.
  • Between .549 and .822  you qualify for your very own Museum Curator.
  • Between .823 and 1.000 you are an undisputed Footwear Goddess.
  • Greater than 1.000 you are Imelda Marcos Reincarnated.

One Response to What’s Your SQ (Shoe Quotient)?

  1. RobertV October 9, 2012 at 2:02 pm #

    A woeful .038 but, hey, I’m a guy!

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