Free Companion Guidebook

Reader-Exclusive Free Companion Guidebook

Go here to download my special Feet First Companion Guidebook for free.

The Guidebook contains a lot of bonus material that will enhance your experience of Feet First, including:

  • An annotated map of the Madison, Wisconsin area showing many of the locations mentioned in the book, like the Archway’s home, Warner Park where Georgia ran her cross-country track meets, the Ho-Chunk’s Old Council Grounds, Paul’s clinic offices and many more.
  • My original background sketches of the main characters that I used to develop their personalities and voices.
  • Copies of material and articles I used in my research into Indian gaming, the history of the 1832 Blackhawk War and Major Henry Dodge, the Wisconsin State Capitol building, foot and shoe fetishes, reflexology, Charcot Foot and its treatment, etc.
  • The original screenplay treatment I wrote, under a different title, which led to the novel.


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