Madison Photo Gallery

Here are photos of the Madison, Wisconsin area—some taken by me, most by others. You get a sense of the city’s character. People who are unfamiliar with the area might be surprised to know that Frank Lloyd Wright built his home Taliesin about an hour’s drive west of Madison in Spring Green, Wisconsin. As a result, several homes and buildings in the area were designed by him, including the spectacular Unitarian Church and Monona Terrace, both shown below. If you have a photo of Madison that you’d like to contribute, please contact me at

Capitol from Monona Terrace

State Capitol seen from the plaza behind Monona Terrace. Photo: The Author


Farmer’s Market at Capitol Square Photo: The Author


Madison Farmer's Market - Feet First

Vegetable vendor at Farmer’s Market in Capitol Square. Photo: The Author


Madison Farmer's Market - Feet First

Honey vendor at Madison Farmer’s Market. Photo: The Author


Wisconsin Badgers Football - Feet First

Camp Randall Stadium. Photo: Christian Wilcox


Monona Terrace - Feet First

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Monona Terrace seen from frozen Lake Monona. Photo: Aaron Patterson


Otis Redding Memorial Plaque at Monona Terrace

Memorial to Otis Redding at Monona Terrace
(Photo by The Author)


Feet First State Street Madison Wisconsin

Capitol seen from State Street in Madison. Photo: Aaron Patterson


Feet First Unitarian Church Frank Lloyd Wright Madison Wisconsin

Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Unitarian Church in Madison. Photo: Aaron Patterson


Feet First Madison Isthmus

The Madison Isthmus between Lakes Mendota and Monona. Photo: robbyb


Feet First Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile headquartered in Madison. Photo: McBeth


Madison, Wisconsin skyline as seen from across Lake Monona

Madison Skyline From Across Lake Monona
Photo by Dori (


Wisconsin State Historical Society in Madison

Wisconsin State Historical Society, where I researched the Indian treaties and Henry Dodge
Photo by Dori (


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